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My Best Advice When Selling Your Business

Dec 03, 2020 posted by Larry Matthews


Along with being a business broker I am also a licensed commercial appraiser and licensed mortgage broker and real estate broker. Every business should be structured to sell from conception. Tax laws are always changing but at the end of the day it's not what you make but what you keep that counts. Your business should be structured to take advantage of the capital gains exemption for selling shares in a Canadian company. Banks/lenders will not finance good will. So own your building or location. The income from your business will substantiate the value of your building from an income approach and give the banks something to secure to help a buyer finance the purchase of your business. The terms make the deal by that I mean a sale can be structured to minimize both the buyers and sellers costs while taking away from the tax man and the lenders finance charges. All done legally of course. Both buyer and seller can benefit from the knowledge an experienced business broker can bring to the table.
All the best for 2021 Stay Safe

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Reply from Nunzio Presta

Added on Dec 03, 2020 18:54

Thanks for sharing this Larry!