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i m having a list of franchises , their I D .number and value

Apr 20, 2017 posted by paramjeet


i m having a list of franchises collected from BIZON .COM The rate starts from 1000/- $ cad to 3,00,000/- $ cad . first of all the rates given in the list are they genuine . 2nd : i need break up what would be the actual rate of the franchise like franchise rate is 10,000/- $ cad so it will include what ? like : tax , franchise fees , lawyer fees ,products from the seller ,for example , suppose if i m buying grocery store franchise , what are the things it will include , or suppose , cleaning or pest service . i'll have to buy chemicals and rent a place . last email you have mentioned 1] E 2 visa 2] financing option to purchase franchise 3] English language.
I want you to help me and guide me to get E 2 visa , i have explained above regarding finance options . and my English is O K . i m not interested in america but i would prefer canada . there is religious discrimination in America i m a sikh and its ridiculous that some American don't know the difference between a sikh and muslim .
Mr. steve in the last email you have mentioned that you can connect me to a immigration advicers and it is not free , how much do these advicers charge .
Most important note : I'm not going to pay anythng online .



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Reply from Nunzio Presta

Added on Apr 20, 2017 13:24

Hi Paramjeet, Appreciate the post! I would recommend submitting a support inquiry (legal) via our grow hub and we can definitely connect you with a preferred legal partner that can provide advice and guidance. NP