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Reselling the business just bought!

Aug 26, 2017 posted by Benng


Dear all,

There is a case that a buyer just bought a tailor company, he paid a 50% of the total price, will pay the rest on the handover day.

At this moment, the business still run by the owner, but the buyer who decide not going to the business because he is kinda busy, and he will not pay the rest of 50% to the owner.

So, he is asking us to find a new buyer to take over the business and he hope he can get the money back from the reselling!

At the point, there is a new buyer who feel interest of the business, but the owner don't know anything about it still, I am kind of not sure how to arrange...

So, does anyone can give me suggestion how to resell the business and any pitfall I must aware for this circumstance?

Many thanks!