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How do you drive traffic to your listing?

Dec 26, 2017 posted by BizON Support


As BizON users, let's get together and help those sellers looking to generate more traffic and connections. How did you generate more traffic and connections with your listing?

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Reply from BizON Support

Added on Dec 26, 2017 15:21

Awesome insight everyone! Keep it coming.

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Reply from Mwong

Added on Dec 26, 2017 15:09

one thing I leveraged is the share button. I share my listing on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Reply from Nunzio Presta

Added on Dec 26, 2017 15:22

Liking this chat. Thanks for engaging everyone.

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Reply from Jerry L

Added on Dec 26, 2017 15:11

Agree! I do the same, however, as a realtor I like to select the email option in order to conveniently send my listing to hot buyers.

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Reply from Bill W

Added on Dec 26, 2017 15:12

I don't do anything! Why should I drive more traffic, isn't that what bizon is for.

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Reply from Pamela Firkin

Added on Dec 26, 2017 15:17

^Agree....but the goal is to sell! Bizon has a great foundation of buyers, however, I do what I can to take advantage of everything bizon has to offer in order to get more exposure.

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Reply from Nick L

Added on Dec 26, 2017 15:20

^ as a business broker I would agree. the goal is to sell and bizon has great tools and a captive audience. I personally like the website widget found under Digital leverage in the Grow Hub. I integrated it with my website in order to get more eyes on my opportunities within Bizon - its easy and convenient. Plus it saves me from creating multiple listings.

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Reply from James C

Added on Dec 26, 2017 15:24

social share does it for me!