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I have CASH and need advice!

May 28, 2016 posted by Jerry L


I have $50,000 - $150,000 CAD of CASH that I am looking to invest in a business. I need advice!

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Reply from SmartMan101

Added on Jun 18, 2016 17:45

I would highly recommend you to check out, a really new concept that is going viral and the average franchisee is in profit mode in only month number 4! Check it out, its very neat.

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Reply from Nick L

Added on Jun 19, 2016 14:07

^ solid opportunity! They have 1 listing so far, check it out here: PS @SmartMan101 do you know if they will be promoting any more opps from other locations.

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Reply from Eddie B

Added on Sep 14, 2016 16:51

Hey Jerry, Still looking for an investment? I have 5 different Franchises ready that want to expand in Ontario. This is the perfect time to invest since all territories are open. They range between 10k to 30k, let me know! Eduardo Briones

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Reply from Sacred Leaf

Added on Nov 18, 2018 13:36

I would recommend looking into CBD.... Our stores average profit is 30k a month. Let me know if you want some info.