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BizON is proud to be working in conjunction with 'Under New Management' a documentary series for CBC about people buying and taking over small businesses. Airing in the fall of 2018 alongside Dragon's Den, 'Under New Management' is hosted by Arlene Dickinson, a highly respected Canadian entrepreneurial icon that can offer guidance and tangible advice to show Canadians that anyone can be their own boss, follow their passion and build financial freedom. Do you know someone who is ready to be their own boss? CBC TV show Under New Management is looking for aspiring entrepreneurs who are ready to buy a small business. Participants will receive coaching from Arlene Dickinson. Click here to learn more and apply:

Apr 23, 2018 16:14

posted by Nunzio Presta

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Did you buy a business or franchise on BizON?

We launched BizON Finds ( ) It is an Instagram account specifically focused on promoting businesses and franchises that were purchased on BizON. Our goal is to highlight the great local businesses and franchises in order to increase discoverability and drive more business to them. Our plan is to collect enough content before posting, so please follow us and let us know of any businesses or franchises that were purchased on our marketplace.

Jan 08, 2018 16:45

posted by BASAB Support

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