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BizON COVID 19 Business Continuity

Dear BizON Customer, We are truly living in unique, turbulent and uncertain times. The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting everyone around us - our families, our businesses and especially our first responders who are bravely on the front lines battling this virus. As the situation continues to change and affect our world, we wanted to reach out and update you on how were supporting our employees, our community and youour customers and partners. Read more here:

Mar 18, 2020 15:21

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How Will You Manage This Coronavirus Crisis?

We came across this and thought all business owners, franchise owners and entrepreneurs should read it! As you are all well aware, the #coronavirus is causing fear, disruption, and illness globally. Some people still seem to believe that it's not a big deal. Others think it's being overhyped by the media to bring down Donald Trump. Here's what we more here:

Mar 12, 2020 12:19

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