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Help for my distressed business

In USA, New Jersey. Me: stupidly thought I could remove 900K from my thriving business to build my dream home without damaging the business. Fast forward to today and I stand to lose both without an investment. Could use a private equity loan or willing to take on partner. There is a lot of debt but with proper level of investment (not as much as you think) turnaround would occur within 9 months or so. 2015 sales: 6 million with a staff of 4 (inclusive of me, not drawing a salary) - we are a wholesale distributor of tools, test equipment, safety and MRO supplies. Two e-commerce websites, ebay store, amazon store and we sell several products directly to Amazon. Company is a proprietorship which expedites the need for a solution. Would like to incorporate after we are fixed.

Jan 03, 2017 12:57

posted by HVACRTOOLS

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