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A Look Back at 2019's Business For Sale Marketing

From the little mom and pop convenience stores to larger manufacturers exporting goods around the world, small businesses are the backbone of our communities. Small businesses and entrepreneurs inspire us daily, acting as the heartbeat of the economy and the creative engine for our future. So, as 2019 draws to a close, were looking back at what weve learned from our sellers, reviewing marketing trends and looking ahead to next year. We'll explore: - The ever-changing business for sale landscape - Ways to get in front of engaged and qualified buyers in the digital world. - The trends for selling and how you can leverage the digital environment to save you time and money while seeking a buyer. - Insights and tips that will help you position your business for sale so that you can make 2020 the year you exit and start your new chapter. Free download here:

Nov 29, 2019 15:11

posted by BASAB Support

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Wall Street Deals Get Done Faster Than Small Business M&A

A great question was asked by John Hyde on WhatTheyThink? And I think my answer is something that every entrepreneur and business owner should see. He asked: How is it possible that corporate giants AT&T and Time Warner reach an agreement on the terms of a merger in only two months while many small business owners languish over deals for six months, nine months, or even years? My answer is simple: Corporate giants are more organized, prepared and they engage in effective communication to avoid wasting time. SMEs, entrepreneurs and business brokers should take note in order to move deals quicker! Best of luck selling, NP

Jan 12, 2017 21:15

posted by Nunzio Presta

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