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You don’t need to start your own business to become a business owner. Find businesses for sale and begin your journey to business or franchise ownership today. Simply search, review and connect with our sellers to find the business or franchise that is right for you. We present you with the most qualified business and franchise opportunities with the highest potential for profit, success and growth. Don’t trade your life for money on someone else’s terms. Be your own boss today by owning an existing, established and thriving business with plenty of room to grow.

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We make it easy to find the right business and franchise buyers, capture their attention and get results. Whether you are a business broker or business owner, our community is host to some of the most engaged business buyers on the internet. Selling a business or franchise without hassle happens right here on our marketplace. If you are still in the process of determining the value of your business or franchise, we have resources such as our quick valuation form to help you prepare for the sale by gathering the information you need.

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Viral has taken the first steps to owning a business or franchise and living on their own terms! They are interested in "Established Home Repair & Renovation Franchise For Sale" located in Calgary, AB, Canada and have reached out to the Seller to start their journey!

We acknowledge everyone taking the first steps towards buying their own franchise or business. Want to buy a business or franchise on the Internet's fastest growing business purchasing website? Find businesses for sale today.

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