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When you join our marketplace, you're joining a captive and growing community of entrepreneurs, business owners, franchise owners and professionals all dedicated, engaged and interested in buying and selling businesses or franchises. In addition to being part of this dynamic community, you will have access to great features such as our listing management platform & analytics, business resources, BizALERTS, the ability to refine your search by city/industry/price, BizPERKS, BizCHATTER and direct contact between buyers and sellers. BizON's goal is to empower people to love what they do, one connection at a time.

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Every day our team attracts business owners, franchise owners, entrepreneurs and professionals looking to sell businesses or franchises for a variety of reasons. Our goal is to attract the most qualified opportunities and present them to our valued buyers so we can help them find something that they are passionate about growing.


List your business or franchise for sale on the fastest growing marketplace for business owners, franchise owners, entrepreneurs and professionals. With 98% of our audience looking to buy, you're sure to find success. Also, as a franchisor, let our marketplace be an extension of your sales force in order to find interested, qualified and engaged franchisees.

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