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Save thousands of dollars in commissions and with no commitment up front on all types of businesses for sale.

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You list for free and we facilitate interactions between you and prospective purchasers. From document and signature exchange, to payment, and closing, we handle it all securely and seamlessly at a fraction of the cost of a broker.


Unlimited listings & leads for a monthly fee of $99, no commissions, no commitment. Cancel anytime without any fees.

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Not sure where to start? We have a library of resources and tools to help you get started. Whether that's an initial valuation or a checklist of steps before you sell, we've got you covered. Making businesses for sale easy & effective.

Customer Testimonials

Joe Mandarino,
BuyAndSellABusiness.com Seller

When looking at options to sell we went down the traditional path of sourcing a broker but quickly noticed that not that many people involved were truly there to help us sell as quickly as possible to the right purchasers. I began to contemplate whether I could promote the sale on my own in order to truly connect with a passionate individual that would be able to carry on the hair salon business. And this is exactly what the BuyAndSellABusiness.com marketplace created for me. A simple, easy to use marketplace that was cost effective and packed with support and features that really guided me along the journey to connecting with engaged and serious buyers. The results speak for themselves.

For example, say:

"Searching for Restaurants"

"Searching for Restaurants in Toronto Ontario"