Maria G.

Business Seller

Finding this website helped me find the perfect buyer. It was just as easy as Kijiji and Facebook marketplace, but way more qualified buyers. I received lots of calls, messages, and emails from other websites but mostly non serious buyers. With, even if I received fewer connections, the buyers were serious and always put an offer right away.

Jaden M.

Business Buyer

I can’t believe I found this niche business on your platform. My dreams came true. I think it's amazing how your platform can attract unique, niche business opportunities and users.

Laurence M.

Business Buyer

I came across your platform on Twitter, which was such a welcome change. I’ve been using your competitors for a while and they’re all pretty awful. Love what you have built, it has a really clean user interface and is easy to use.

Deb C.

Business Acquisition Lending Specialist

Your site brings incredible value to business sellers and business buyers!!

John D.

Business Seller

I really enjoyed speaking with the team. They were all so helpful. It’s so nice to deal with a business that treats people with respect, that has always been important to me. Listing was quick and easy. I received 2 inquiries in one day already. I’ll let you know how things go.

Roxanne R.

Business Broker

Great connections. Have to say I love the quality of buyers that come from your site. All the leads have been wonderful. Can’t imagine leads that are a better fit for my listings.

Anthony P.

Business Seller

Getting some great insight from you. Looking forward to listing our company on

Gabrielle S.

Business Seller

After 4 years of trying to sell my business to finally retire after doing this for the last 42 years, this is truly a blessing!  To find someone who already has the experience, personality, drive and the picture framing experience was even better, as I will only need to stay on for a short time for an easier transition.

2 ½ weeks ago, a very interested buyer contacted me, scheduled a walk through, as well as a 2 hour sit down to talk, and was completely sold on the business!  I sold it for the asking price of $175,000.00 which we both felt was very fair, now we have to determine the outcome of the inventory.  Hoping this will all go smooth and will be able to finish the year off with a bang!

Gabriel Nuarin

Pacific M&A and Business Brokers Ltd.

We had just registered with and so far, the service and the team behind it has been great. First of all, the website itself is easy to use. Compared to other listing websites, they are a lot more user- friendly and effective – which is important for our target market.

Most of our listings have already been viewed over 100 times in less than a week, which gives you the feeling that their website appears to a wide audience of buyers. The team has been really helpful, they respond quickly to any question or inquiry you may have. We believe they’re making efforts to ensure maximum exposure for their users – whether you’re a buyer or a seller and that’s why we’re looking forward to doing more with them.

Warren Saari

Business Seller

I had a small sideline business I no longer wished to own and after poor results from listings on local community websites and Facebook marketplace I decided to try the platform.

Within two weeks I had qualified buyers, two of whom flew to view and look at the opportunity closely and one of them closed.

Very pleased with the results!

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