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Our marketplace mediates buyer-to-seller connections with well qualified buyers. Sell a business for the price you want with just a fraction of the time and effort it would take to sell it alone, guaranteed.

40% of connections between buyers and sellers in our marketplace lead to a successful purchase and sale. Between our innovative digital services and tools, we offer a full range of support throughout that process.

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Full Serve

Full, Digitized Selling Service

This solution will help guide you and the buyer through the offer, due diligence and closing phase. You'll have the ability to chat, exchange documents, and request and accept all necessary funds. You will also have access to deal support throughout the experience, giving both parties full control from start to finish, while saving you on commission.

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Deal Size Our Take Rate Broker Commission Savings
$0 - $999k 5% 12% $21,000 based on $300,000 transaction
$1M - $1.99M 4% 10% $90,000 based on $1,500,000 transaction
$2M - $2.99M 3% 8% $125,000 based on $2,500,000 transaction
$3M - $3.99M 2% 6% $140,000 based on $3,500,000 transaction
$4M+ 1% 4% $120,000 based on $4,000,000 transaction
Retainer None Avg. $11,000 $11,000
Monthly Fee None $100 - $1,000 $550/mo (avg)


$99 CAD/Month

The perfect option for sellers looking for buyer introductions only. Sellers benefit from unlimited listings and leads. Create and manage all your listings with ease. No commissions, no commitment, cancel anytime without any fees.

Who should use our
Free-To-List model?

First time sellers who want to save thousand in commissions and need some guidance through the sales process. Our experienced team is right there with you from start to finish.

Who should use our
Subscription model?


Help your clients sell their business hassle-free and keep 100% of your commissions. You can post unlimited listings for $99/mth.


Promote new or resale opportunities and access a community of experienced franchisees who can give your franchise the best opportunity to grow.

Experienced Entrepreneurs

Do you have your own financial and legal experts on hand? Have you sold a business before? With this option you can connect with qualified buyers, commission-free.

Sell A Business Features


Manage, edit, and track your listings in real time.

List in 5 Minutes

Create, save, and promote your business or franchise within 5 minutes.

Multiple Listings

Easily create and replicate multiple listings.

Digital Leverage

Listings share easily to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and for further exposure. Promote your listings with your own landing page or widgets for an existing website.

Quick Business Valuator

Generate an asking price in seconds.


Compare average asking prices of businesses and franchises in specific industries.

Business Support

Access professionals and resources that can help you with the most pressing questions or concerns.

Business Advice

Engage with business owners, franchise owners, entrepreneurs, brokers, and professionals.

Customer Testimonials

John Wires, Lawyer,
Wires Law

As a lawyer who works with clients selling their businesses, I see a huge demand for a platform to connect buyers and sellers. does that and more. The marketplace really facilitates a transaction and is really simple to use for both buyers and sellers. is great for finding business and franchise opportunities across Canada & the USA and they have very responsive customer service.