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For an introduction to the world of franchising, our buyer’s guide offers a quick but comprehensive primer.

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Review major franchisor offerings, financing details, and other basic information you need to compare the big players.

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We have algorithms that ensure your listing lands in front of the most active, qualified, and suitable buyers. Our market attracts a highly engaged and captive audience franchise owners, business brokers, realtors, and franchisors.

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We offer a full range of support options from industry experts and offer a fully mediated experience from connection to sale closing. With our technology, the entire process is transparent and seamless.

Franchise Listing Options:

Full Serve

Full, Digitized Selling Service

This solution will help guide you and the buyer through the offer, due diligence and closing phase. You'll have the ability to chat, exchange documents, and request and accept all necessary funds. You will also have access to deal support throughout the experience, giving both parties full control from start to finish, while saving you on commission.

Deal Size Our Take Rate Broker Commission Savings
$0 - $999k 5% 12% $21,000 based on $300,000 transaction
$1M - $1.99M 4% 10% $90,000 based on $1,500,000 transaction
$2M - $2.99M 3% 8% $125,000 based on $2,500,000 transaction
$3M - $3.99M 2% 6% $140,000 based on $3,500,000 transaction
$4M+ 1% 4% $120,000 based on $4,000,000 transaction
Retainer None Avg. $11,000 $11,000
Monthly Fee None $100 - $1,000 $550/mo (avg)
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$99 CAD/Month

The perfect option for sellers looking for buyer introductions only. Sellers benefit from unlimited listings and leads. Create and manage all your listings with ease. No commissions, no commitment, cancel anytime without any fees.

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"Searching for Restaurants"

"Searching for Restaurants in Toronto Ontario"