We sold the business after 2 years to our partner. But we purchased directly from the owner and it was an absolute nightmare to finalize and wish we used a service like yours.

Andy Hubbard

Business Buyer

The owner and I have been in contact and it has gone perfectly. Thank you for your support and amazing website.

Shelly Herrera

Business Seller

I’m very impressed by, and very thankful for the speed and efficiency with which you took care of me.

Melanie Bongers

Business Seller

Thank you so much, I feel better knowing that I am in the right place.  I really want to sell my business so my hubby and I can move on.  We are in limbo with this company so selling it sooner than later is key.

Timothy Akalu

Owner, Business Development Dispatch

Thank you so much for the follow-up email & good customer service. I was able to take advantage of a complimentary resource that you provided & referred to me. I really appreciate that. You'll hear back from me in the future.

Shaun Howard

Franchising, Recipe Unlimited

Getting started is extremely easy. It takes almost no time or effort for me to list one of our restaurants on the community! The best part is that I can completely trust the team to represent our company professionally.

Taryn Herritt

Business Broker, Beacon Brokerage

When I think of the 3 words that come to mind is: innovation, entrepreneurship and marketplace!

Amabelle Valenzuela

President of VC Group of Companies

I came across on Instagram and I’m very grateful for ALL the opportunities that they had exposed me to.  My experience navigating the marketplace has been positive and truly amazing. The people and the customer service have been world class. Looking forward to acquiring my first business.

Vera Robinson

Franchisor Seller – The Naked Vine is a terrific community to be involved with should you want to sell or buy a business. We had a great meeting with Nunzio who came out last minute to meet us and is very professional and educated in regards to what their offerings. What a terrific platform!

Steve DiGiovanni

Business Buyer, Desert Tan Bronzing Studio

Future entrepreneurs and business owners are missing out on so many opportunities when they don't consider all their options. is one of these options!

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