Joe Boylan

Business Broker

I am on the move constantly as a Business Broker in exciting Las Vegas. I appreciate’s efficient way of listing the important details up front, so I don't have to wade through a lot of jargon to get the facts that I need for my client.


I can honestly say is something the business world has needed for a long time.

Alana Gunn, Franchisor

Two Blonds and a Brunette Gift Company

Being in business for 13 years, it's not easy to get excited about doing business with someone.  I found on Instagram and immediately reached out to is, after all, a genius way to market my franchises! I have been dealing with the team and they have been nothing but helpful, kind and a pleasure to deal with!

Joel Friedman, Business Broker & Franchise Developer

JSF Franchise Group by far is the easiest site to get to where you want- I like how simple it is to read and put up new postings. The marketplace is receiving a lot of hits and views and for sellers it has a great system to see how many people are viewing your posting, it is by far the best in class for both sellers and buyers. Furthermore, the exposure is excellent and the way that they send updates and suggestions on how to improve your posting is professional and helpful. I love the professionalism and the ability to promote your business. Thank you - Keep it up.

Allen, Business Seller Member

I am 60 years old, an honest person, an entrepreneur, and have worked hard all my life and owned several businesses. I am at the point in my life where I am ready for retirement and do the things I didn’t have time for the last 30 years. This is what has done for me.

John Wires, Lawyer

Wires Law

As a lawyer who works with clients selling their businesses, I see a huge demand for a platform to connect buyers and sellers. does that and more. The marketplace really facilitates a transaction and is really simple to use for both buyers and sellers. is great for finding business and franchise opportunities across Canada & the USA and they have very responsive customer service.

L. McMurdo

What a great company, bringing business buyers and sellers together seamlessly.

Elizabeth MacRae

Inspiring stories of entrepreneurship through acquisition! Thanks for sharing,


Found my buyer on your platform. I actually knew them from a past project but it was through the ad on your website that they found me. You’re attracting the right people.

Sabrina S. stays behind their promises. It’s not about money, it’s about keeping your word. This has become rare nowadays; these guys are rather a positive exception.

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