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Restaurant/Food Services Business For Sale in Fraser Valley, BC (Listing ID: 2356)

Restaurant/Food Services

Specialty Sausage Company

Restaurant/Food Services Fraser Valley, BC

$224,000 CAD


Specialty Sausage Company was established in 1994. They have been producing high-quality preserved meats at this location for 25 years and have a reputation for that. Specialty Sausage Company is a German-style retail delicatessen with most of their meat products produced in-house. They also offer sandwiches for take-out, along with an assortment of European dry goods. The Company does custom cutting and sausage making as well. Their focus is on the production and sale of traditional sausages and deli meats which are made without fillers or excess preservatives.

The artisan handmade sausages are made fresh on-site. Specialty Sausage Company uses authentic, time-tested, old-world methods to craft their sausages: freshly butchered pork and beef and natural casings. By using only, the finest and freshest ingredients, their products are always considered best in class.

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