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Environmental Services Relocatable Business For Sale (Listing ID: 3261)

Environmental Services
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Environmental Services

PATENTED, highly profitable Air Conditioner Energy Saver

The WORLD'S FIRST PATENTED Airtron Air Conditioner Electricity Saver Programmable Logic Controller is the world's first & only to save upto 35% with a Payback of just 3-6 months.
A Highly Profitable, growing business - this is the first and only Patented Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) retrofit in the world, with little competition.
There is no competitive product in the world.
The Airtron ensures attractive savings on Inverters and Non-Inverters, and is suitable from 0.5 Ton-20.0 Ton AC's.
Additionally, it offers savings of up to 30% from its unique ' temperature lock' feature, and many customers report savings of up to 50-60% and a payback of 2-3 months only.
The inventor is 70 yrs of age and retiring.
MARKET SIZE: There are more than 2 Billion AC's worldwide and more 40 Mn ACs India-and at least 50% are in the target market of the Industrial and Commercial sector which feel the pain of the high Electricity bills.
The business is evaluated based on the financials and high Gross profit of 450%, and low fixed cost.

$1,800,000 AUD

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Sole Proprietor

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I P PATENT # 412672

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$ 170,000

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$ 112,000

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$ 6,000

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Health Reasons

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