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eCommerce Relocatable Business For Sale (Listing ID: 3372)


Healthy apron - mediterranean diet visualisation

Aprons with useful infographics for mediterranean diet support.

Site: https://www.healthy-apron.shop

Product advantages:
- legitimacy of information
- encouragement and support of culinary skills
- promoting the awareness of others about healthy eating
- a productive life

- domain
- POD-platform account
- social-media accounts: pinterest - @healthy_apron, instagram - @healthy_aprons
- designs: those already published, graphic elements, several ideas for future designs, logo
- image hosting "https://vecteezy.com/" - 1 month premium account
- a significant selection of thematic hashtags
- .pdf file with information about the Mediterranean diet - as an additional virtual product of the store.

Reason for sale:
I can't create exciting advertising creatives, I don't know how to effectively reach the target audience and promote the product,

How can the buyer move this project forward:
- think through marketing - reach the target audience and thematic platforms.
- development of designs

$600 USD

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Sorry, this listing is no longer available.