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Sports/Recreation Business For Sale in Meaford, ON (Listing ID: 3487)

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Highly Profitable Family Sports Events Company

This business produces family-oriented fun-filled events perfect for people of all ages, and features obstacles and challenges that test strength, agility, and endurance.

The business is a full-service Event Management Company specializing in event production. The company creates and innovates ideas to drive business and ensure success: Event Conception, Production Management, Marketing and Public Relations, Sponsorship Acquisition, Staffing, Data Collection, and Post Event Reporting. With the main event series activated every Summer throughout Canada, USA, Australia since 2014 100 events to date. It holds the global rights and design for this event type, and has the proven ability to easily gross over 200 million annually if its potential is fulfilled. This event has raised and donated more than 3.1 million dollars to charities in need since its inception and garnished over a quarter of a billion dollars in Economic impact for hosting communities etc. making it extremely attractive for host locations and the ability to operate easily within them based on its contribution in both charity and economic positives for all.

$6,954,492 CAD

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The trademarked event, website, and obstacle concepts and designs.

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$ 5,598,113

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$ 2,318,164

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