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Software/SaaS Relocatable Business For Sale (Listing ID: 3490)

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Research tool for Twitter Marketers, Content Creators

MicroSaaS with $2,000 in TTM revenue and $1,500 in TTM profit provides advanced search filters to help businesses find specific tweets. It offers all the features of Twitter's advanced search and enables you to conduct more effective searches on Twitter.

Tech stack this product is built on:-
Bubble - Nocode

Moreover, it does not depend on Twitter API so the recent surge in Twitter's API pricing has no effect on this tool.

Some unique features:-

- You can save a search query & add it to a folder
- Once saved, a search can be done with just a click, no need to add all inputs again
- The search form does not get cleared as it happens in Twitter adv search, you can't change one input once the search is done.
- We have a curated section where we showcase the best tweets from top creators
- Find tweets tweeted from a specific area like NYC, Manhattan etc.
- Find tweets within a radius of an area like 5 miles in NYC

$8,700 USD

Relocatable Software/SaaS Business For Sale Details


Legal Body:

Sole Proprietor

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Proprietary Assets:

Codebase and IP, Brand, Marketing materials, Customers, Website, Social media accounts, Domain

Gross Revenue:

$ 2,000

Annual Earnings:

$ 2,000

Land/Building Included:


% of Business Selling:


Reason for Sale:


Financing Available:


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