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Animals/Pets Business For Sale in Vancouver, BC (Listing ID: 2220)


Popular busy Dog Daycare

Animals/Pets Vancouver, BC

$600,000 CAD


Vancouver's largest dog daycare.

We have secured a large commercial space located in downtown Vancouver and have been in operation for 12 years with a strong client base and management and staff that are self operating without owner for last 4 years.

We have a great reputation within the dog community.

The building has space to grow other services like grooming to hugely increase profits.

We have remained open 24 hours through COVID. Our clients still needed care for their pets as we serve all of the first responders being the only 24 hour daycare in Vancouver.
Obviously business dipped but is on the speedy increase to return to full capacity soon.

Other daycares were not so lucky and haven't been able to survive through COVID so we are getting more and more new clients signing up!

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