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Animals/Pets Business For Sale in Vancouver, BC (Listing ID: 3073)

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Vancouver's Best Location Pet Industry Opportunity

We have a large fully licensed space located in downtown Vancouver and have been in operation for 11 years with a strong client base and team that are self operating without owner for the last 3 years. The building has space to grow other services like grooming to hugely increase profits.

Our reputation is based on having been a family-oriented team of dog lovers and experts. We have been professionals who understand families with dogs and their needs. Our space for the dogs is supervised by both cameras and caretakers 24-7.

We focus on dog behaviour and pack mentality and work with clients to help better understand their pets from a dogs perspective. During the day dogs play and learn from trainers and fellow canines. This will not only improve focus with commands and agility but also improve respect for boundaries and how to play with safety and confidence. As well, we offer high quality dog food.

Products/Services: Dog Daycare, Dog Training, Dog Hotel, Dog Grooming, Dog Transportation, Dog Food, Dog Beds, Dog Clothing

People love their pets and it is known that the industry is crisis proof. We have kept many long term clients and have an increase with COVID dogs.

$350,000 CAD

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Established Business Name since 2005, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van 2014, Mini Cooper Clubman 2010, Pet Store POS system, technology, refrigeration equipment and furniture

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$ 1,000,000

Annual Earnings:

$ 120,000

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$ 10,500

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